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Engagement Facts and Ideas for Torrance, CA

The city of Torrance CA. is the perfect place to get engaged. One of the reasons that Torrance CA. is an excellent choice for the engagement question is the fantastic location. Not only is it just minutes from the ocean but also minutes from Redondo Beach. The location is also only a half hour or so from the sizzling Venice beach. Torrance CA. is prime time. One more thing. You pop over to LAX which is only a few miles away and pick up a couple of first class airfares to Hawaii, then let her secretly find the receipts about 10 minutes before you pop the engagement question. I know, it is a bit underhanded but what was that they said about Love. All is fare in love and war.

Oops, were you looking for:Vallejo, CA, Vacaville, CA, or Tulsa, OK